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The East Bay’s Leader in High Performance Custom Homes and Renovations

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25+ Years of Experience Building Stunning Homes In The East Bay Area
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Specialists in All Electric, Carbon-Neutral Homes and Renovations
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Meticulous craftsmanship that looks better and lasts longer
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Deal directly with the owner from start to finish
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Free advice to help you get the home you’ve always wanted

I’m looking for a…

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Custom new home

Expertly designed and meticulously built to provide healthy, year-round comfort with little to no ongoing energy costs

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High-performance renovation

That transforms my current property into an energy and carbon-neutral dream home that looks stunning and lasts a lifetime

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Why conventional homes are uncomfortable, energy-hungry, bad for the environment, and the families that live in them.

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That’s because too many modern homes are [slapped together / built in bulk] with outdated building materials, careless workmanship, and generic designs that make living there uncomfortable and even unhealthy.

Builders try to overcome these issues by covering defects with plaster and paint and adding air-conditioners to every room to make them liveable. But there’s a better way to build or renovate a house.

Have you ever been in a house that feels so hot and stuffy you lose all your energy? Or a house that’s so cold and dank you feel yourself getting sick? Or maybe a house that looks good at first glance, but when you look closer you can see the gaps, cracks, and signs of poor workmanship?

Introducing A Completely New Way Of Building That Delivers An All Electric Home, On Time And Within Budget Every Time

Building and renovating are exciting. But they can also be fraught with confusion, chaos, and expensive risks. Our unique and proven process gives you the stunning energy and carbon-zero home you’ve always wanted, and an enjoyable building experience along the way. It is founded on three key principles:

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specifically for your land to make the most of environmental strengths (natural light, breeze and shade), and overcome potential challenges (afternoon sun, sloping ground).

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Proven building materials…

that work in the real world and not just in the carefully controlled environment of a test lab.

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Meticulous building processes…

that ensure products are installed correctly to maximise their effectiveness and appearance – with no gaps to allow transfer of energy or pollutants.

The end result is a home that looks better, lasts longer, and is more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient.

What type of home or renovation are you looking for?

Everybody has a different idea of what their dream home or renovation looks like. If you’re anything like our clients, you’ll appreciate many of the qualities we incorporate into our homes and renovations including:

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Stable internal temperature for all-year comfort
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Pure, healthy air that reduces allergies, asthma, and sickness
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Fire, smoke, and dustproof to keep pollutants out
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Meticulous craftsmanship that looks better and lasts longer
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All the features you want (no compromise on design)
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Whisper quiet – acoustically insulated inside and out
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A sought-after investment with a higher resale value
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No ongoing energy costs (your home will generate more power than it uses)

Get in touch and tell us what’s important to you. We’ll gladly share of our 25 years of experience to help you get your dream all-electric custom home or renovation.

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What clients think of their new homes

Building and renovating are some of the biggest financial investments you’ll make in your life. The right builder will help you clarify your ideas and bring them to life in a home you’ll love for years. The wrong builder could leave you with an expensive disaster you’ll regret. Here’s what some of our clients say about their experience building with the Scott O’Hara team:

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“Honorable, straightforward, responsive and wise, Scott O’Hara has completely reset our expectations of general contractors and builders. We can’t imagine working with anyone else.”

Steve and Gina

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“It’s about putting our money where our mouth is and telling people how their house is going to perform…”

Keith O’Hara

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“The process was seamless and the results were outstanding! I couldn’t recommend Scott O’Hara Construction more highly!”

Samira Heshmati

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“Scott’s project management skills are truly unbeatable. He is honest and inclusive during all steps of the project, and will involve you to the level of detail you desire. He is very easy to work with, responsive, timely and accountable.”

Len Brown

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“This home is not only stunning to behold, but promises to be incredibly comfortable, supremely healthy and exceptionally efficient…”

Mary Neuberger

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“As with the other projects, the attention to detail in all phases of the work was evident and the project moved smoothly and turned out beautiful. We trust Scott O’Hara and look forward to our continued working relationship.”

Glenn Friedman

Your forever home – created by our family, for your family

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Building in the East Bay Area for more than 25 years

Scott O’Hara and his team have been building and renovating high-performance, all electric houses in the East Bay Area for more than 25 years. Scott’s special experience in building spec homes (where every dollar invested has to count) enables him to guide clients to the things that matter most so they get more value for their money.

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Scott’s team has always had an interest in healthy building

Especially internal air quality, but this became an obsession when he built his own family home to help his daughter who suffered from severe allergies. After they moved in, her Paediatrician said, “I don’t know exactly what you did, but it sure worked.” And Scott’s daughter has been almost completely allergy-free since.

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Healthier, more comfortable, high-performance homes

Scott undertook intensive training in eco-building and now applies his skills and experience to give East Bay residents healthier, more comfortable, high-performance homes that look better, last longer, and have zero ongoing energy costs.

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Free expert advice to help you get the custom home or renovation of your dreams

Researching the latest in healthy, high-performance, all electric homes can be time-consuming and confusing. We invite you to schedule a Free Discovery Session so you can get the information you need to feel comfortable and confident about building or renovating your dream home.