Developing High Performance Homes
Scott O' Hara Consulting

If you’re a homeowner, home buyer, builder, architect or contractor looking to create a high performance/net zero home I can help.

I’ve spent the last decade retrofitting and building high-performance homes in California. Narrowing my focus in the last five years, I developed a process of building high-performance spec homes that are either Net-Zero or Net Zero Ready. As a result of my experience, my practical and cost-effective approach to building and retrofitting creates a home that is efficient home. In addition, my homes deliver great indoor air quality, comfort, and durability.

I jump at every opportunity to share this approach. So, get in touch to learn more about how you can save money, and increase your level of comfort in your new or renovated high-performance home. Contact me first to help.

Our Services

Let us provide Net Zero (High Performance) Consulting for your new home.

  • Air quality
  • Efficiency
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Benefits you even without the goal of Net Zero

Let our experience help you get your building project started and keep it on track

  • Project initiation assistance
  • Communication with the homeowner and architect
  • Pre-construction discussion with the construction team 
  • Ongoing site visits to make sure things are on track
  • Communication with the homeowner and builder. 

You will get a Custom Inspection Report that includes an evaluation on:

  • Evaluation of the structure
  • Pest Evaluation
  • Visible framing
  • Insulation Inspection
  • HVAC (general inspection of equipment and ducting.)

Scott O’Hara Consulting can help you evaluate the lot you are looking to purchase – before escrow or in escrow.

  • In escrow due diligence help
  • Rough budget help while in escrow or before escrow
  • Assistance for Investors or homeowners

About Scott O'Hara Consulting

A high-performance home builder and active real estate broker for the last six years, Scott focuses on the construction of new single-family Net Zero and Net Zero-ready spec homes in Oakland and Martinez.

Scott’s experience includes home construction, renovations that incorporate energy efficient retrofits, and project assessment. Therefore, his unique qualifications enable him to deliver on high-performance residential projects.


Through the years, Scott developed a practical approach to high-performance residential construction that he enjoys sharing. Thus, he offers several levels services, for example, lot evaluation, home purchase inspection, and proven results from green energy consulting that will save you money.

From Our Clients

Honorable, straightforward, responsive and wise, Scott O’Hara has completely reset our expectations of general contractors and builders. We can’t imagine working with anyone else.

Our Experience

Four years ago we moved into an extraordinary home Scott built. And, each day, we find new reasons to be grateful. For example, Scott added thoughtful touches, particularly well-engineered and well-constructed features and high-quality finishes throughout. And when there’s been a problem (rarely having to do with the construction of the house itself) he’s been there for us to give advice or fix the problem – not a week or two later but on the phone, or on-site right when we need him. He is a gem.

Life in a New-Zero Home

Most importantly, living in a ZNE house for us means NO COMPROMISES. It’s quite the opposite. It’s better than we could have possibly expected.

First of all, the best word to describe this house is “comfortable.” The temperature is remarkably steady, no matter what happens outside. We use the heater and the air conditioning without a second thought because, after all, it’s free. (Yes, it is free.) But probably the most remarkable thing is how little of either it takes to heat the house on cold days and cool the house on hot days.

Secondly, the ventilation system works beautifully — no draftiness, no noise… and when you wash the filters, you understand how much cleaner the air in the house is from what it otherwise would be.

The next best word to describe the house is “quiet.” It’s a wonderful side benefit of the insulation and the triple pane windows, that you can barely hear noise from the street.

Summing It Up

We’ve been here now just under three years, and are sitting on a substantial credit from the surplus energy that we sell back to PG+E. By my calculations, we could charge an electric car to drive about 30,000 miles a year on our surplus and not pay a cent.

It just feels obvious and smart, as well as eco-friendly, to build this way. We can’t understand why anyone would build a house any other way in Northern California in 2017, except perhaps that they didn’t have the O’Hara guys building it for them.

Steve and Gina
12 Jewel Court, Oakland

Steve and Gina

Working with Scott O’Hara

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with Scott O’Hara as his Realtor for 16 years. Scott is not only an excellent and conscientious builder, but he’s also a wonderful person: honest, hard-working, even-tempered and smart.

Working with Scott in New Home Construction

In new home construction – a field that is by nature rife with potential pitfalls and set-backs – Scott’s calm, thoughtful demeanor and problem-solving abilities have impressed me time and again. He understands the value of clear and open communication and always keeps his eye on the ball, even under the most trying of circumstances. His attention to detail, emphasis on quality workmanship and exceptional management skills combine to produce a top-notch product that is always completed on time and within budget.

Working with Scott on a Zero Net Energy Home

When Scott transitioned into building Zero Net Energy properties, he told me these new homes would be far superior to his “conventional” homes. I was doubtful – as that was a tough act to follow – and it wasn’t until I actually stood inside his first completed ZNE home did I fully understand. The quiet, the comfort, the “feel” inside was different… BETTER!
I’ve since sold four of Scott’s ZNE properties and the buyers all agree, these homes are indeed superior!

Scott has “walked the walk.”

Understandably, more and more homeowners and builders want to improve the quality, health, and comfort of their homes with ZNE and building performance. Getting it right the first time is critically important, so who better to consult with than someone who has successfully “walked the walk”? Scott’s knowledge, experience, managerial prowess and affable nature make him the easy choice. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Mary N.