Project Management

Are you looking for a consultant to guide you through your home’s transformation process into a high performance or Net Zero home? Whether your home is a new build or a renovation project, my experience guides you from the beginning to the end.

Keeping the High-Performance Focus

If your goal is a high-performance home, you need someone on your team focused on the performance aspects of the project. Without a dedicated performance consultant, believe me, other goals sidetrack the performance goal. Every person on the project focuses on the areas where he/she is responsible. From the architect to the structural engineer, from the contractors to the interior designer, everyone pays attention to their role. Therefore, unless you have someone who is responsible for the home’s performance, no one focuses on the performance.

Put me to work for you.

For the last decade, I have planned, designed and built high-performance homes. These homes are of high quality, elegant and mindful of cost. The finished projects are homes that people are proud to own and love to live in. Contact me first if you’d like to get started on your high-performance dream home.

The design and installation difference.

First of all, I strive to produce a high performance with standard equipment and materials. Therefore, the same materials you find in my houses, you will likely find in other houses in the area. The design and the installation make all the difference. The details get my close attention. First, I start with the project planning. Then, I consistently mind the details throughout the construction. Because of my experience, I know what really matters. A well-designed, cost-effective home built without delays results in happy homeowners.

Pre-construction services. Identify a project’s true time and cost estimate.

As you begin, consider our project management service. One of the key ingredients we provide is an accurate assessment of your project needs. We consider finances and logistics. We take time to understand the unique needs of your project. This project initiation process equips us to tailor the perfect plan. Our pre-construction services ensure thoughtfully planned steps. And they anticipate unexpected issues before they stall the job.

Our assistance helps you control the costs and define the schedule. We analyze your lot and the construction costs. Then we personally advise you during your purchase process. Once construction begins, we oversee the design. And we guarantee the proper implementation through on-site supervision. All the while, we keep you informed through status reports.

Project management is a key system in our toolbox that facilitates both design and construction. We organize the people, materials, and equipment needed to take your project from the dream to the driveway.

Contruction / Project Management

Contstruction / Project Manage


  • Budget development
  • Analysis of lot inventory
  • Analysis of construction costs
  • Professional advice on the best purchase for your specific project
  • Detailed estimating
  • Assistance in setting up financing
  • Procurement of building permits, bonding and insurance
  • Purchasing of land
  • Scheduling
  • Logistics evaluations


  • Overseeing project design and engineering
  • On site safety
  • Cost control
  • Quality control
  • Financial and project status reports
  • On site supervision
  • Continued management of project until it is move in ready or ready to be put on the market

Can’t my general contractor incorporate this into a project?

A general contractor will not necessarily incorporate high-performance into your project. Some contractors enter a project with an open mind. These few pay attention to detail. They have the desire and experience to turn out high-performance correctly. Unfortunately, there are more contractors who are less conscientious.

Therefore, as you plan to build new construction or launch a major renovation, this is your chance. Make your home perform great. Rely on experience. Get the results you deserve.

Won’t my architect or designer know how to include performance specifications and manage the project?

The architect who is experienced in high-performance home design provides such guidance. However, if his/her experience does not include high-performance projects, you encounter a problem. You receive a design that costs more to build than necessary. Also, the design will not deliver the performance you anticipate. There is a great deal of misinformation in regard to high-performance home construction. In the end, you find no substitute for experience in building, managing and monitoring these kinds of projects.

Can’t I just hire a home performance contractor to work with my general contractor to complete my project?

Based on experience this does not always work well. During my time as a home performance contractor, we experienced problems with this model. Many times, the general contractor interprets our input as an imposition on his project. Subsequently, this co-contracting role caused friction. Ultimately, and more importantly, the owners did not end up with the house they deserved.

General contractors are used to being in control of their projects. They are not always open to this kind of arrangement. I know. I have been a general contractor for 21 years. Therefore, I succeed in the home performance consulting role because I speak their language. I relate to their position very well.  I understand the importance of starting on the same page. Therefore, everyone recognizes the expectations of each party involved. As a result of my relationship with the general contractor, we deliver a high-quality, well-performing home as the finished product.