About Our Projects

The projects displayed this page are high-performance homes built in Oakland and Martinez. First, you will likely take note of the variety in style in these beautiful California homes. Plus, if you are particularly interested in a high-performance home that is “Net-Zero,” focus your attention on the 12 Jewel Court property in Oakland. The project detail page includes a chart that shows production and usage with our solar system over an 18-month period. I know you will find it interesting and exciting!

From a Client

Finally, check out the letter from the homeowner of 12 Jewel Court. Read about his experience and his reaction to living in a Net-Zero home. He writes, “We’ve been here now just under three years, and are sitting on a substantial credit from the surplus energy that we sell back to PG+E. By my calculations, we could charge an electric car to drive about 30,000 miles a year on our surplus and not pay a cent.”