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Is Your Builder a Good Communicator?

Published by Scott O'Hara on March 10, 2023

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Building or renovating a home is an exciting opportunity to create something beautiful that fits your needs and achieves your goals. It should also be an enjoyable and exciting time.

However, poor communication and a lack of organization can lead to delays, budget overruns and poor craftsmanship. More importantly it can leave you feeling in the dark and unsure of what’s going on with one of the biggest investments of money and time you will ever make.  To avoid these issues, it is important to work with a builder who prioritizes communication and organization.

Clear Communication During the Sales Process

Don’t dismiss signs of poor communication or a lack of organization that may arise while going through the sales/estimating process with a builder. Pay attention to how quickly your phone calls are returned and how clearly any questions you have are answered.  If a company does not have an organized sales process and consistent communication while they’re trying to win you over, they are very likely not to have one during construction.

Staying on Budget

They are also likely not putting the detail into creating a precise budget that provides you with the important information you need to make decisions on how and where to spend money on your project.  Almost all projects have a balance between getting everything you want and meeting a preset budget.  Being able to accurately estimate the cost of various aspects of your project will give you the ability to make these decisions up front instead of during the project when tensions can be higher. 

Companies that believe in clear communication and processes that keep their business organized will make sure all phases of the business are dialed in.

Something about putting together a good budget?

Project Management Software Keeps the Ball Rolling

One way to help ensure effective communication and organization is through the use of project management software. This software allows clients to have access to real-time updates on the status of their project, including timelines, budgets, and progress reports. By having this information readily available, clients can stay informed and feel more involved in the process.

In addition to improved communication with project management software builders are also able to stay on track with material orders for a project. In today’s world of material shortages, a builder needs to stay way ahead on material ordering to make sure the project keeps running smoothly. Building schedules out and keeping them updated in a project management system is a key to making this happen.

Enjoy the Experience

In addition to project management software, a good builder should also have a clear process for communication and decision-making. This includes regular meetings with the client to review progress, address concerns, and make any necessary changes to plan.  This not only helps make sure your dream is becoming a reality it also keeps you involved in the project as you should be.

Don’t set yourself up for a stressful experience that may not give you the house you dreamed of. By working with a builder who prioritizes communication, organization, and the use of project management software, you can have an enjoyable and stress-free experience building or renovating your home.

“Communication works for those who work at it”

John Powell

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