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How To Get A Healthy, High-Performance Home Renovation

That Transforms Your Current Property Into An Energy And Carbon-Neutral Dream Home That Looks Stunning And Lasts A Lifetime

Important Information for East Bay Residents Who Want to Know…

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How To Get A Healthy, High-Performance Home Renovation

That transforms your current property into an energy and carbon-neutral dream home That looks stunning and lasts a lifetime.

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How To Choose A Renovation Builder

With experience to transform your existing home into a healthy, comfortable, energy-zero dream home without sacrificing the design features you want.

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High-Performance Home Renovation That Is Energy & Carbon Neutral

So you can have the stunning, healthy, energy-efficient home you’ve always wanted, without having to move.

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Energy & Carbon-Neutral Renovation, Without Compromising Any Of The Design Features You Want

Designed and built with meticulous attention to detail for a superb finish and unmatched energy efficiency.

Which Of These Questions And Concerns Are Weighing On Your Mind As You Plan To Renovate?

Like many East Bay residents thinking of renovating, do you want to take this opportunity to add features that decrease your energy costs and make your home healthier and more comfortable all year round? Yet at the same time, do you have some of these questions and concerns…

Worried that energy-efficient features won’t look as good (or won’t match your current home)… and wish there was a way to achieve energy and carbon-zero without compromising on the style and finish of your renovation?

Concerned that energy-efficient products may cost more than they’re worth… and want expert advice so you don’t needlessly overspend on things that don’t make much of a difference?

Do you have some renovation design ideas… and want to find a builder who can help you refine your vision and give you more details about time frames and prices?

Overwhelmed by all the decisions… and want a builder who can help you prioritize purchases, so you get the most bang for your buck without spending hours researching a minefield of options?

Concerned that some builders may not have the experience to transform your existing home into a high-performing dream home you’ve always wanted… and want extra information to make sure you choose the right builder?

We invite you to schedule a Free Discovery Session so you can get the information you need to feel comfortable and confident about transforming your home with an energy-efficient renovation.

How We Help East Bay Residents Get The Healthy, High-Performance Home You’ve Always Wanted

Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped a wide range of East Bay Residents enjoy healthy, energy and carbon-neutral dream homes that are:

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Stable internal temperature for all-year comfort
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Pure, healthy air that reduces allergies, asthma, and sickness
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Fire, smoke, and dustproof to keep pollutants out
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Meticulous craftsmanship that looks better and lasts longer
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All the features you want (no compromise on design)
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Whisper quiet, as a result of the insulation, tight envelope and mechanical design
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A sought-after investment with a higher resale value
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No ongoing energy costs (your home will generate more power than it uses)

And because your home will be air-tight, thoroughly insulated, and energy efficient, it will produce as much (or more) energy as it consumes each year, giving you a truly carbon-free home with no ongoing energy costs.

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What Our Clients Say About Their All Electric Homes

We’ve loved helping dozens of families move into stunning all electric and carbon-neutral homes. Here’s what some of them say about their experience with our team:

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“Honorable, straightforward, responsive and wise, Scott O’Hara has completely reset our expectations of general contractors and builders. We can’t imagine working with anyone else.”

Steve and Gina

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“It’s about putting our money where our mouth is and telling people how their house is going to perform…”

Keith O’Hara

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“The process was seamless and the results were outstanding! I couldn’t recommend Scott O’Hara Construction more highly!”

Samira Heshmati

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“Scott’s project management skills are truly unbeatable. He is honest and inclusive during all steps of the project, and will involve you to the level of detail you desire. He is very easy to work with, responsive, timely and accountable.”

Len Brown

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“This home is not only stunning to behold, but promises to be incredibly comfortable, supremely healthy and exceptionally efficient…”

Mary Neuberger

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“As with the other projects, the attention to detail in all phases of the work was evident and the project moved smoothly and turned out beautiful. We trust Scott O’Hara and look forward to our continued working relationship.”

Glenn Friedman

7 Ways We Help You Get An Energy & Carbon-Neutral Custom Home You’ll Love

Comparing builders can be confusing – especially when it comes to energy and carbon-zero homes. Sadly, the end result too often falls short of the advertised claims, leaving homeowners with a dream home they feel disappointed about.

Here are some of the things we do differently to help you avoid disappointment and get the exact custom home you’ve always wanted:

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Expert Help To Decipher Fact From Fiction

Comparing advertised claims about energy efficiency can be confusing. Unlike other builders that rely on controlled laboratory results, we know what works (and doesn’t) in the real world and will only recommend products that give you genuine benefits.

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A Tighter Home For Greater Energy Efficiency and Air Purity

The best energy-efficient products are only as good as the installation. Too many so-called energy-efficient homes are like a ‘leaky boat’ with gaps that allow energy and pollutants to flow freely. Our attention to detail ensures you get maximum benefit from the superior building materials you pay for.

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KPIs For Energy Efficiency Proof

Sadly, many people pay for a zero-energy home yet end up with a standard home that just costs more. Our strict Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ensure you get measurable energy benefits.

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Better Bang For Your Buck

It’s not hard to spend money when building an energy-efficient home. But the truth is some things matter (a lot) more than others. We’ll show you where you can save without compromising on the end result.

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Looks Better, Lasts Longer

Most custom homes look nice at first glance. But when you look closely (especially over time), you’ll often find problems that have been hidden under drywall and paint. Our meticulous workmanship ensures your house looks better and lasts longer.

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Daily Progress Update Allows You To Enjoy The Process

With your own login access to our Building Platform, you can see exactly what’s happening every day. It’s exciting to track the progress. And you’ll never feel like you’re in the dark. Plus you can post a question anytime and receive an answer the same day.

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On-Time And Budget — Guaranteed

As a premium all electric builder, we are not as cheap as some of the budget builders, who tend to cut corners. However, our proven process and owner involvement from start to finish, ensure you get the exact home you want — on time and within budget.

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Our Best Advice – 100% Free

Building an energy and carbon-neutral custom home is a big commitment. The many design and product decisions can seem daunting. That’s why we invite you for a Free Discovery Call where we will share our best advice — 100% free.

Five Simple Steps To Get The High-Performing, Energy And Carbon-Neutral Home You’ve Always Wanted


Your ideas

It’s time to dream big. Nothing is off limits. We’ll help you put all your ideas on paper so you can get clarity about what you really want in your new custom home.


Our Experience

With 25 years of total experience and 15 years of experience designing, inspecting, and building high-performance homes, we will help you refine and prioritize your ideas. We’ll point out where to invest your money (for the most impact), and where you can save (on things that don’t make much difference) so you get the best performance and value. And we will show you the Key Performance Indicators that prove you’re getting measurable energy savings and health benefits from your home.


The Plan

We will work with your architect to finalise your plans and provide a fixed-price contract. We will also guide you through the many decisions including custom design elements, building materials, finishes, appliances, landscaping, and even colours. And we will arrange all approvals. And if you don’t have any plans, we will provide designer options and work with you through the process, providing a full design-build experience.


We Build

This is when your dreams come to life starting with grading and foundations, then frames, plumbing, electrical and air conditioning, then sealing, insulation, drywall and exterior finishes, and finally all the interior finishes – all completed to our rigorously high standards.


You Enjoy

It’s time for you to take the keys. But we won’t abandon you. We will show you how everything works, show you how to maximise the energy and health performance of your new home (including measurable KPIs), give you simple maintenance tips, and be available to support you for as long as you live in your home.

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Free Discovery Session: The First Step Towards A High-Performance Custom Home

The quickest and easiest way to find out more is with a Free Discovery Session during which:

  • You’ll get more clarity around what you want in your custom home (and you’ll receive guidance to help you make the most of your ideas).
  • You’ll learn how to decipher fact from fiction when it comes to energy-efficient building materials so you can avoid needlessly overspending on things that don’t provide any real benefit (and you’ll find out about the priority items you should invest in for a positive energy outcome).
  • You’ll explore ways our team can help get a high-performance custom home that is meticulously designed and built to look better, last longer, and has zero ongoing energy costs.
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Free expert advice to help you get the custom home or renovation of your dreams

Researching the latest in healthy, high-performance, all electric homes can be time-consuming and confusing. We invite you to schedule a Free Discovery Session so you can get the information you need to feel comfortable and confident about building or renovating your dream home.