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8 Jewel EXT 1 MLS

Oakland, CA

8 Jewel Court


Project Overview

Built, marketed and sold as a Net Zero ready home.

We guaranteed the buyer they would not have energy bills.

I had two partners on this project, Keith O’Hara and Mark O’Hara.

As the lead partner on the project I was responsible for the following:

  • Assess the available lot inventory and proposed the purchase of the raw land
  • Oversaw the design and engineering
  • Procured the building permits and other entitlements.
  • Set up the financing.
  • Scott O’Hara Construction Inc. is hired to build the house.
  • During construction I was the project manager and on-site supervision.
  • Oversaw the entire project until it is put on them market and sold.

Features of 8 Jewel Court

  • Minimal framing with a conventional design to increase insulation
  • R21 wet applied cellulose wall insulation
  • R38 floor and R50 ceiling insulation
  • Sealed crawlspace with insulated walls
  • Engineered, tight duct work installed in sealed crawlspace for reduced energy loss
  • HRV whole house ventilation system
  • Low or no VOC paints and finishes
  • On demand hot water recirculation system
  • Air sealing throughout house
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