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Why Choose an Experienced High Performance Builder for Your New Home or Renovation Project?

Published by Scott O'Hara on February 9, 2023

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Are you getting ready to start a new home build or renovation and want to get the best value out of your investment? Have you thought about making sure it’s efficient, comfortable and has clean air? Maybe you’re interested in making the house all electric, Net-Zero Energy or Carbon Neutral but not sure where to start.

These are great goals to have and important things to add to any build. With all the information out there on these topics the big challenge is knowing who and what to trust to get you started in the right direction and ultimately deliver the home of your dreams.  

It may be tempting to hire a typical architect/builder and rely on information from the internet or an energy consultant to guide you through the process, but this may end up costing you more without delivering any real benefits.  The internet is full of good marketing of materials and processes that may or may not help and unfortunately so is much of the energy code.  

The surest way to achieve these goals is to hire an experienced high performance residential builder, especially one who specializes in this type of work, to help achieve your dreams for your house.

High Performance Builders deliver a holistic approach that includes a good envelope, the right insulation, and a mechanical system that improves the quality of the air you breathe.  They understand a good result is achieved by the cumulative effect of little things working together.

Maybe more than anything, high performance builders are passionate about delivering the best house and experience possible for their clients. They do this by analyzing the different elements of each individual home along with the engineering information to make the correct recommendations for how to build.  Once the building starts, they know the type of dedication to detail and organization it takes day in and day out to get you the results you deserve. 

At Scott O’Hara Construction we’ve seen the benefits of this process and insist on including it into every project we build. 

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a standard builder to complete your new house or renovation.  They may tell you they can make the house perform well and meet your goals but without the passion, experience, and working knowledge you could end up getting less than you’d hoped for.

Hiring an experienced high performance builder is the only way to ensure you will end up with a beautiful home that has the efficiency, comfort, and clean air you deserve and will be proud of.

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

Steve Jobs

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